Who are we?

The Steering Committee is made up of those who have a background in medieval to modern history and from the areas of interest in the network. The Steering Committee are:

Executive Branch

  • President: Deirdre Raftery (modern Ireland, education, literacy)
  • Secretary: Bronagh McShane (early modern Ireland & Europe, confessionalisation)
  • Finance Officer: Liam Temple (early modern England, mysticism & monastici)
  • Communications Officer: Kristof Smeyers (modernity, science, religion & the supernatural)
  • Conference Officer: Sara Charles

Other Steering Committee members

We have a number of volunteers who support H-WRBI and keep it up and running. If you would like to help in any of the areas below contact us.

  • Book Reviews Editors: Yvonne Seale, Liz Goodwin & Flora Derounian
  • Bibliography Editors
    • Medieval: Sara Charles
    • Early Modern: Bronagh McShane
    • Modern: Kristof Smeyers
    • Outside Britain & Ireland (Modern): Anselm Nye
  • Conference Organiser: et al (varies each year)
  • Web Editor: Kimm Curran, Kristof Smeyers (from 1 April 2019)
  • Social Media: Catriona Delaney (Listserv and Twitter) & Melanie Carroll (Facebook)

One thought on “Who are we?

  1. Wonderful growth and development at H-WRBI. Well done and may it continue.

    I would be happy to do an occasional review Modern or Early Modern perhaps.

    Continue the excellent work.

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