Past Conferences

Our annual conference takes place yearly and has taken place in cities such as London, Galway, Dublin, and Glasgow.  Our network members and/or attendees may review the conferences. These reviews can be found below.

2007: Consecrated Women: Towards a History of Women Religious of Britain and Ireland

2008: Women Religious & the Political World’

2009: Consecrated Women: Crossing Boundaries

2010: Female Religious on the British Isles: Interactions with the Continent

2011: Identities, Organisation and Exile

2012: Vocation, Education and Care: Histories and Archives of Women Religious (no review submitted)

2013:  Materialising the Spirit: Spaces, Objects and Art in the Cultures of Women Religious (no review submitted)

2014: Nuns Literacies- Medieval to Modern

2017: Sources: Archival, Oral, Visual, Material, Digital

2017: Sources: Archival, Oral, Visual, Material, Digital 2

2017: Further Conferences Reviews can be found on the links below:

2018: Places and Space of Women Religious

2019: Landscapes and the Environment (Programme)

2021: Research Showcase (Programme)

2022: Lives and Life Stories (Programme)

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